Our mission is simple: To breed high quality, structurally sound goats that excel in milk production and the show ring.

2016 show Schedule

09/09 Plymouth, CA

10/01 Lakeport, CA

Our Mission

​​​​     I've been around goats for as long as I can remember. Growing up we raised Alpines, Saanens, LaManchas and a few Nubians. Our primary focus was milk production and we sold many of our freshening does to commercial dairies in Central California. After high school I joined the military and spent several years away from the goat scene. In 2013 I bought a small acreage in Iowa and purchased a few goats and participated in several shows throughout the Midwest.

     In 2015 I made the big move back to my hometown in California and actually bought a nice acreage on the California/Nevada border. Although I came from Iowa with nearly 70 animals I had to cut back due to space and my career commitments. Currently I have 2 Toggenburg does and 8 Alpine does that I am extremely proud of. I am very excited and look forward to the West Coast show circuit in 2017!

     I currently breed French and American Alpines as well as American  Toggenburg dairy goats. We operated under the "Manning Farms" herd name and in 2015 changed our herd name to "Azorean", same animals new herd name starting with the 2016 kid crop.  I have selected and purchased from a few top breeders in the United States and also use artificial insemination heavily to bring in genetics that will improve both my herd and the dairy goat industry as a whole.

      Goats always have and always will be a defining aspect of who I am and I certainly hope the love of these beautiful creatures is passed down to my children.

      Look for my goat milk soaps in several Oakdale and Escalon, CA antique stores! Email me for scents, prices and samples. 

     I am always open to talk about anything involving goats so please don't hesitate!


Our Guarantee

We guarantee our herd health through regular testing using bio-tracking and TVMDL. Results can be found under the test results tab.

   Azorean Dairy Goats


Gold Country show Sep.9, Plymouth CA 

Little Nix's Dance's Poe- Jr. Reserve Champion Alpine/Scott Bice

Rose-Creek Red Ruby- Jr. Reserve Champion Toggenburg/Sam Whiteside

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